The Return of DeLorenzo’s Dugout

I’ve been pr2011 World Congress of Sportsomising for a long time to return to writing DeLorenzo’s Dugout, so if it took until January 12, 2015 to get started again, so be it!  Welcome to DeLorenzo’s Dugout, which started in the fall of 1995 as an e-mail newsletter written by me, Jim DeLorenzo, and morphed into an AOL-hosted website in 1996, then into a full-blown multi-page website from 1997 through 2000-something, migrated to a Google blog in the mid-2000s, and was in hibernation for the past couple years until I could get my act back together.  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since my last DeLorenzo’s Dugout posting, which I believe may have been in the aftermath of the “great Philadelphia earthquake” of August 2011!  Here’s a link to the previous DeLorenzo’s Dugout blog.  Welcome back to some old friends, and hello to some new friends!  I’ll see you in the stands!